Welcome to the Akashic Library

what is the akashic library?

The name Akashic which refers to an Etheric, Astral or Causal Plane Storehouse of Knowledge, is a Sanskrit word which comes to us from the Vedic texts of India originating at the ancient venerable archaeological site of Mohenjo-Daro.

Accessing the Akashic Library is one of the great goals of those who practice astral projection, visualization, psychic readings and spiritual healing.

Those who practice doppelganging, astral travel and remote viewing have the easiest time browsing the Akashic Library's endlessly vast stacks.

Information is stored at random in the Akashic Library, but can be accessed individually or in associated similars or groups of similars, such as might be triggered by an emotion or a thought.

Knowing exactly how to access specific areas of knowledge within the Akashic Library is both an art and a science and requires a great dedication to the subject for complete mastery. However, there are a few easy shortcuts for the beginner that will certainly encourage further exploration and use of the great wealth of knowledge stored within the Akashic Records, all of which is partially or completely available to anyone versed in their access and application.

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