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akashic library faq page
  • Akashic is also spelled akashik.
  • You don't need a library card here.
  • The akashic library isn't what you think. Well..it is, but it isn't...
  • You cannot withdraw any item from the akashic library, but you can duplicate it if you have the memory and the equipment for the task.
  • Absolute silence is required by the akashic librarian. Even the slightest infractions are punishable by death, disfigurement, disembowelment or worse.
  • Library stacks in which the Knowledge Capsules, Wahoo Cognitions, and Inspiration Modules are accessible by anyone; however, extreme caution is advised as, since everyone is welcome, some mighty unpleasant encounters could result.
  • Never pull more from the library stacks than you can actually carry back to your home planet.
  • Late returns will result in a manhunt and capture, and possible extended torture.
  • Don't be fooled by the mellow atmosphere.
  • Relax, enjoy yourself and have a great Akashic Library experience.


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